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Non-music programs on now

Listings included: non-music programs on now (Saturday  1:58p EDT)
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606 (i) (sports, BBC)
    1:06p- 3:00p BBC 5 Live [WM][aac+][aac+] (i)
A Way With Words (i) (language)
    1:00p- 2:00p WFYI [MP3] (i), WFSU [MP3] (i), WFSW [MP3] (i), WQCS 2 [MP3] (i)
All Night Programme (i) (miscellaneous, RNZ (New Zealand))
    8:04a- 2:00p RNZ National [WM] (i)
   10:00a- 2:00p RNZI [WM] (i)
Ask Me Another (i) (quiz, NPR)
    1:00p- 2:00p WUWM [MP3] (i), WLRN [WM][MP3] (i), KWMU [WM][MP3] (i)
BBC WM 95.6 Sport (i) (sports, BBC)
    7:00a- 3:00p BBC WM [WM] (i)
Backstory (i) (documentary)
    1:00p- 2:00p KSRQ [MP3] (i)
Ben Moor - Undone (i) (literature/drama, BBC)
    1:30p- 2:00p BBC R4 Extra [WM][aac+][aac+] (i)
Bernie Keith (i) (magazine, BBC)
    1:00p- 3:00p BBC Suffolk [WM] (i), BBC Three Counties R [WM] (i), BBC Northampton [WM] (i), BBC Cambridgeshire [WM] (i), BBC Essex [WM] (i), BBC Norfolk [WM] (i)
Between the Lines (i) (politics/issues, WPKN)
    1:30p- 2:00p KVSC [MP3][MP3] (i)
Big Picture Science (i) (science/tech)
    1:00p- 2:00p WRNC [MP3] (i), WZNB [MP3] (i)
Bob Edwards Weekend (i) (talk, PRI/Sirius XM)
   12:00n- 2:00p KANU 2 [MP3] (i)
    1:00p- 2:00p KPLU [aac+] (i)
    1:00p- 3:00p KNBA [MP3] (i), WOUB-FM [MP3] (i), WCVE 2 [MP3] (i), WMNF 3 [MP3] (i)
Book TV (i) (literature/drama, C-SPAN)
   12:00n- 4:00p C-SPAN 2 [Flash] (i)
Bullseye (i) (talk, PRI)
    1:00p- 2:00p WNYC-AM [MP3][WM][aac+] (i), WSHU-AM [MP3] (i), WNLK [MP3] (i), WSTC [MP3] (i)
Call Rob Phillips (i) (sports, BBC)
   12:30p- 2:00p BBC R Wales [WM] (i)
Car Talk (i) (funny, NPR/WBUR)
    1:00p- 2:00p WHA [MP3][WM] (i), KPBS [MP3] (i), KWGS [MP3][WM] (i), KOPB [MP3][MP3] (i), KQED [MP3] (i), KRFA [MP3][WM][MP3] (i), KUNC [MP3][MP3][WM] (i), KAZU [MP3][MP3] (i), KCLU-FM [MP3] (i), KJZZ [MP3][WM] (i), KLCC [MP3][WM] (i), KNAU [MP3] (i), KPCC [MP3][MP3] (i), KPUB [MP3] (i), KUTE [MP3] (i), KXJZ [MP3][MP3][MP3][MP3] (i), WCMU [MP3] (i), KVPR [WM][MP3] (i), KAWC-FM [MP3] (i), KCBX [MP3][WM][MP3][WM] (i), KCHU [MP3] (i), KCLU-AM [MP3] (i), KCUK [MP3] (i), KFSK [MP3] (i), KHSU [MP3][MP3] (i), KIYU [MP3] (i), KSMU [MP3][aac+] (i), KSUT [MP3] (i), KUAC [MP3][MP3] (i), KUAZ [MP3][MP3][MP3] (i), KUWS [MP3] (i), KYUK [MP3] (i)
Copenhagen Calling (i) (regional/local affairs, BANNS)
    1:30p- 2:00p WRN Eng Eur [MP3][WM] (i)
Cyprus Broadcasting Corp. (i) (miscellaneous, CyBC (Cyprus))
   11:00a- 5:00p CyBC RIK 2 [Flash] (i)
Day Six (i) (magazine, CBC)
    1:00p- 2:00p KWMR [MP3][MP3] (i)
    1:05p- 2:00p CBU (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CFWH (CBC R1 North) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBCV (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBTK (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBYG (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBYK (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i)
Definitely Not The Opera (i) (culture/arts, CBC)
   12:30p- 2:30p CBAM (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBCT (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBD (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBHA (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBI (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBN (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBZF (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBT (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBY (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CFGB (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i)
    1:00p- 3:00p KUOW 2 [WM][MP3][MP3] (i)
    1:30p- 3:30p CBLA (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBME (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBO (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBEW (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBCL (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBVE (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CFFB (CBC R1 North) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBCS (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBLA-2 (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBQT (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i)
Documentary on One (i) (documentary, RTE (Ireland))
    1:00p- 2:00p RTE R1 [MP3] (i)
Drama (i) (culture/arts, SABC)
    1:00p- 2:00p SAFM [Flash] (i)
Explorations in Science (i) (science/tech, WBAI)
    1:00p- 2:00p KPFK [MP3][MP3][Real] (i)
Geek Speak (i) (science/tech, KUSP)
    1:00p- 2:00p KUSP [MP3][MP3] (i)
Health Show (i) (health, WAMC)
    1:30p- 2:00p KAMU 2 [MP3][Ogg][WM][MP3][Ogg] (i)
In the Balance (i) (business, BBC WS)
    1:32p- 2:00p BBC WS News [MP3][WM] (i), ABC News R [WM][MP3][aac+] (i), Campus FM [WM] (i), 3RPH [MP3] (i), 5RPH [MP3] (i), 6CCR [WM] (i), BBC Russian [MP3][WM] (i), BBC WS UK [MP3][WM] (i), BBC WS W Africa [MP3][WM] (i), KBSX 2 [MP3] (i), KTTZ 3 [MP3][WM] (i), KUAF 3 [MP3] (i), KVNO 3 [Flash] (i), SBS R4 [MP3][Flash] (i), SR P6 R Sweden [MP3][aac+][aac+][aac+][MP3] (i), WQQQ [MP3] (i), WRVO 3 [MP3] (i), WTSU 3 [MP3] (i), WUAL 3 [MP3] (i), WVPS 3 [MP3] (i), WYPR 2 [MP3][MP3] (i)
John Mann (i) (magazine, BBC)
    1:00p- 3:00p BBC Cumbria [WM] (i)
KBS World Radio (i) (international service, KBS (Korea))
    1:00p- 2:00p KBS World R English [Flash] (i)
Latino USA (i) (special interest, NPR/KUT)
    1:30p- 2:00p KSVR [MP3] (i)
Living on Earth (i) (ecology/garden/rural, PRI)
    1:00p- 2:00p KSJK [MP3] (i), KSMF [MP3] (i)
Liza Tarbuck (i) (talk, BBC)
    1:00p- 2:30p BBC R2 [WM][aac+][aac+] (i)
Loose Ends (i) (funny, BBC)
    1:15p- 2:00p BBC R4 LW [WM][aac+][aac+] (i), BBC R4 [WM][aac+][aac+] (i)
Margaret Throsby Interview (i) (culture/arts, ABC)
    1:05p- 2:00p ABC R National [WM][MP3][aac+] (i)
Marketplace Weekend (i) (business, APM)
    1:00p- 2:00p KRWG [MP3] (i), KUCV [MP3] (i), WBFO [MP3] (i), WUGA [MP3][MP3] (i), KUCV 2 [MP3] (i), WCQS [MP3] (i), WLRH 3 [MP3] (i)
Moth Radio Hour (i) (talk, PRX)
    1:00p- 2:00p WCAI [MP3][MP3] (i), KOSU [MP3] (i), WIUM [MP3] (i), KUHF [MP3][WM][MP3] (i), KCPW [MP3][Ogg] (i), WVPB [MP3] (i)
Native Voice One Specials (i) (special interest, NV1)
    1:00p- 2:00p NV1 [MP3] (i)
On Being (i) (religion/beliefs)
    1:00p- 2:00p KWBU [Flash] (i)
On the Media (i) (media, NPR/NYPR)
    1:00p- 2:00p WBUR [MP3][aac+][Ogg] (i)
One on One (i) (sports, WFUV)
    1:00p- 4:00p WFUV [MP3][aac+][MP3][WM] (i)
Only a Game (i) (sports, NPR/WBUR)
    1:00p- 2:00p KACU [MP3] (i), KCNV 3 [WM][MP3] (i), KSTK [MP3] (i), KUAC 2 [MP3][MP3] (i), WAMU 3 [MP3][WM] (i)
Overnights (i) (talk, ABC)
   12:00n- 3:30p ABC Brisbane [WM][MP3][aac+] (i), ABC Coast FM [WM][MP3][aac+] (i), ABC Melbourne [WM][MP3][aac+] (i)
   12:05p- 3:30p ABC Canberra [WM][MP3][aac+] (i), ABC Hobart [WM][MP3][aac+] (i), ABC Newcastle [WM][MP3][aac+] (i), ABC Sydney [WM][MP3][aac+] (i)
   12:05p- 4:00p ABC Perth [WM][MP3][aac+] (i)
   12:30p- 4:00p ABC Darwin [WM][MP3][aac+] (i)
   12:35p- 4:00p ABC Adelaide [WM][MP3][aac+] (i)
Parent's Journal (i) (special interest)
    1:00p- 2:00p KASU [MP3] (i)
Paul Hudson's Weather Show (i) (weather, BBC)
    1:00p- 2:00p BBC Humberside [WM] (i)
Press Conference USA (i) (lecture, VOA)
    1:30p- 2:00p VOA English [WM] (i), VOA Africa [WM] (i)
Prime Time Radio (i) (special interest)
    1:00p- 2:00p KCCU [MP3] (i)
Public Affairs Events (i) (politics/issues, C-SPAN)
   11:10a- 2:50p C-SPAN R [Flash] (i)
Public Radio Remix (i) (documentary, PRX)
   12:00n- 6:00p KPBZ [MP3] (i), PRX Remix [MP3][aac+] (i), WBOI 3 [MP3] (i), WFAE 3 [MP3] (i), WRVO 2 [MP3] (i)
Quirks and Quarks (i) (science/tech, CBC)
    1:05p- 2:00p CBW (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i)
Radio Free Eireann (i) (world affairs, WBAI)
    1:00p- 2:30p WBAI [MP3][MP3][Ogg][MP3] (i)
Radio Riyadh (i) (international service, BSKSA)
   12:00n- 5:00p Saudi R European [WM] (i)
Radio Romania International (i) (international service, SRR (Romania))
    1:00p- 2:00p R Rom Intl 1 [MP3][WM][aac+][MP3][WM] (i)
Radio Taiwan International (i) (international service, RTI (Taiwan))
    1:00p- 2:00p RTI Western [WM] (i)
RadioLab (i) (science/tech, NYPR)
    1:00p- 2:00p KWSU [MP3][WM] (i), WITF [WM][MP3] (i), WUIS [MP3] (i), WMFE [MP3] (i), WRNI-FM [MP3][MP3] (i), KCND [MP3] (i), KDSU [MP3] (i), WEKU [MP3] (i), WESA [MP3] (i), WOSU [WM][MP3] (i), WRIQ [MP3][MP3] (i), WVTF 2 [MP3][MP3] (i)
Rugby League (i) (sports, BBC)
   11:55a- 2:00p BBC 5 Live Sports Xt [WM][aac+][aac+] (i)
Says You (i) (quiz)
    1:00p- 2:00p KEMC [WM][MP3] (i), WFAE [MP3] (i), WPLN-FM [MP3][MP3] (i), WKNO 2 [MP3] (i), WLPR [MP3] (i)
    1:30p- 2:00p KUAR [MP3] (i)
Science Friday (i) (science/tech, PRI)
    1:00p- 3:00p WBOI [aac+][MP3] (i), WBKE [MP3][MP3] (i)
Snap Judgment (i) (talk, PRX/NPR)
    1:00p- 2:00p WBEZ [MP3] (i), GPB [MP3][WM][WM] (i), WUKY [MP3] (i), WMUM [MP3] (i), WSVH [MP3] (i), WUSF [WM][MP3][MP3] (i)
Sounds Like Saturday Night (i) (news, BBC)
    1:00p- 3:00p BBC Lancashire [WM] (i)
Splendid Table (i) (food/home, APM)
    1:00p- 2:00p WUAL [MP3] (i), WHYY [MP3] (i), WICA [MP3][WM] (i), KMUW [MP3][Ogg][MP3][Ogg] (i), WPSU 2 [MP3][MP3] (i), WVIA 2 [MP3] (i)
Sports Report (i) (sports, BBC)
    1:33p- 2:00p BBC R Scotland [WM] (i)
Studio 360 (i) (culture/arts, PRI/NYPR)
    1:00p- 2:00p KUT [WM][MP3] (i), WVRU [MP3] (i)
Studio 7 for Zimbabwe (i) (regional/local affairs, VOA)
    1:30p- 2:00p VOA Stu 7 Eng/Shona [WM][WM] (i)
TED Radio Hour (i) (lecture, NPR)
    1:00p- 2:00p WEVO [MP3] (i), WUOT 2 [MP3][MP3][MP3][WM] (i)
Tavis Smiley Show (i) (talk, PRI)
   12:00n- 2:00p WAMC 2 [MP3] (i)
    1:00p- 2:00p KUVO 2 [MP3][aac+] (i), WMUK 2 [MP3] (i)
The Business (i) (culture/arts, KCRW)
    1:30p- 2:00p KWMU 2 [WM][MP3] (i)
The Signal (i) (talk, WYPR)
    1:00p- 2:00p WYPR [MP3][MP3] (i)
This American Life (i) (documentary, PRX/Chi PM)
    1:00p- 2:00p KCRW [MP3] (i), WNYC-FM [MP3][WM][aac+] (i), WUNC [MP3][MP3] (i), WILL-AM [MP3] (i), WBAA-AM [MP3] (i), WUOM [WM][MP3] (i), WNPR [MP3] (i), WRVO [MP3] (i), KERA [MP3][WM] (i), KANU [MP3] (i), KSTX [MP3] (i), WAMU [MP3][WM] (i), WFPL [MP3][MP3] (i), WKSU [WM][MP3][aac+] (i), WNJY [MP3] (i), WQLN [MP3] (i), WVXU [WM][MP3] (i), KUSD [MP3] (i), WKSU 4 [WM][MP3][aac+] (i), WBHM [MP3] (i), WGLT [MP3] (i), WUWF [WM][MP3] (i), KRCU [MP3][MP3] (i), KTPR [MP3] (i), KVHL [MP3] (i), PRI [MP3] (i), TAL [MP3] (i), WDDE [MP3] (i), WFYI 2 [MP3] (i), WNNZ [MP3] (i), WPBI 2 [MP3][aac+] (i), WRAU [MP3][WM] (i), WRKF [MP3] (i), KGOU [MP3] (i)
Total Football (i) (sports, BBC)
    9:00a- 3:00p BBC Merseyside [WM] (i)
Travel with Rick Steves (i) (documentary, R. Steves)
    1:00p- 2:00p WCPN [MP3][MP3][MP3] (i), WXXI-AM [MP3][aac+] (i), WKCC [MP3] (i), WYSU [MP3] (i)
Vatican Radio for Africa (i) (religion/beliefs, Vatican R)
    1:30p- 2:00p Vatican R 2 (As/Af) [WM] (i)
Vocalo MixTape (i) (talk, Chi PM)
    1:00p- 7:00p WRTE [MP3] (i)
Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me (i) (quiz, NPR/Chi PM)
    1:00p- 2:00p KUOW [WM][MP3][MP3] (i), WGBH [MP3][MP3][MP3] (i), KNOW [MP3][aac+] (i), KUNR [MP3][WM] (i), WCBE [MP3][WM] (i), WUTC [MP3][WM] (i), KBSX [MP3] (i), KCFR [MP3][WM][Ogg][MP3] (i), KCUR [MP3] (i), KNPR [WM][MP3] (i), WCBU [MP3][MP3] (i), WPLN-AM [MP3][MP3] (i), KCHO [MP3][MP3] (i), WKAR-AM [MP3] (i), KRCC [MP3][MP3] (i), KAJX [MP3] (i), KISU [WM][WM][Real] (i), KMST [MP3] (i), KUER [MP3][MP3] (i), KVCR [MP3] (i), NPR Program Stream [MP3][WM] (i), WFIU 2 [MP3][MP3] (i), WGVU-FM [MP3] (i), WMPN [WM] (i), WRJA [MP3] (i), WSIU [MP3] (i), WTSU [MP3] (i), WUKY 2 [MP3] (i)
Weekend Edition Saturday (i) (news, NPR)
   10:00a- 2:00p KDLL [MP3] (i)
   11:00a- 2:00p KMUN [MP3] (i), WRKF 2 [MP3] (i)
   12:00n- 2:00p KCRW News [MP3] (i), KTOO [MP3] (i), KMXT [MP3] (i), KBBI [MP3] (i), KHNS [MP3] (i), KSDP [MP3] (i), KSKA [MP3] (i), KTNA [MP3] (i), KUCB [MP3] (i), KUHB [MP3][WM] (i)
    1:00p- 2:00p KSFC [MP3] (i), KSJD [MP3] (i)
    1:00p- 3:00p KIPO [MP3] (i)
    1:00p- 4:00p KHPR [MP3] (i)
Whad'ya Know (i) (funny, PRI/WPR)
   12:00n- 2:00p WEOS [MP3] (i), WJCT [MP3][MP3] (i), WSHU-FM [MP3] (i), WSUF [MP3] (i)
    1:00p- 3:00p WOI-FM [MP3] (i), WOI-AM [MP3] (i)
White Coat, Black Art (i) (health, CBC)
    1:30p- 2:00p CBR (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBX (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBK (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i), CFYK (CBC R1 North) [aac+][MP3] (i), CHAK (CBC R1 North) [aac+][MP3] (i), CBK-1 (CBC R1) [aac+][MP3] (i)
Wiretap (i) (documentary, CBC)
    1:00p- 2:00p WABE 3 [MP3] (i), WLRN 2 [MP3] (i)
World of Radio (i) (media)
    1:30p- 2:00p WRN Eng NAm [MP3][WM] (i), WRN Eng AAP [MP3][WM][WM] (i), World FM [Ogg][Ogg][aac+] (i)
You Bet Your Garden (i) (ecology/garden/rural, WHYY)
    1:00p- 2:00p WBST [Flash] (i)
Youth Radio (i) (children's/youth, Youth R)
    1:00p- 2:00p KPFA [MP3][MP3] (i), KFCF [MP3] (i)