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Follow the (i) link next to any program for schedule listings and audio links.
UB Edition (education, BTPM)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, BTPM
Ujima Radio (talk, BBC)   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
UK Black (special interest, BBC)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, BBC
UKNY (pop/rock music, WFUV)   (i) (1 broadcast)  Official links: program page, WFUV
Ukraine: Security Issue (international service, Suspilne)   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, Suspilne
UN Today (news, UN)   (i) (1 broadcast)  Official links: program page, UN
Unbound (pop/rock music, KCSN)   (i) (1 broadcast)  Official links: program page, KCSN
Uncharted Waters (eclectic music, Mvyradio)   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, Mvyradio
Uncle Meghabhuti and Funkscribe Present (urban music, KBCS)   (i) (1 broadcast)  Official links: program page, KBCS
Uncle Mort's Celtic Fringe (literature/drama, BBC)   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Uncommon Knowledge (science/tech, WGLT)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, WGLT
Under the Floorboards (eclectic music, KGNU)   (i) (1 broadcast)  Official links: program page, KGNU
Under the Influence (media, CBC)   (i) (2 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, CBC
Under the Microscope (science/tech, KBIA)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, KBIA
Under the Radar (regional/local affairs, WGBH)   (i) (3 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WGBH
UnderCurrents (eclectic music, NV1)   (i) (114 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, NV1
Underground Garage (pop/rock music)   (i) (21 broadcasts)  Official links: program page
Undiscovered (science/tech, NYPR)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, NYPR
Unfictional (documentary, KCRW)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, KCRW
Unforgettable (talk, BBC)   (i) (1 broadcast)  Official links: program page, BBC
Unforgettable with Bob Roberts (talk, BBC)   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
United Groove (jazz music, KKJZ)   (i) (1 broadcast)  Official links: program page, KKJZ
United Nations Audio (talk, UN)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, UN
United States of Americana (folk music, APM)   (i) (1 broadcast)  Official links: program page, APM
United States of Anxiety (politics/issues, NYPR)   (i) (2 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, NYPR
University Beat (education, WUSF)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, WUSF
University Concert (classical music, IPR (Iowa))   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, IPR (Iowa)
University of the Air (education, WPR)   (i) (3 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WPR
Unlocking Bryson's Brain (health, CBC)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, CBC
Unmissable (pop/rock music, BBC)   (i) (1 broadcast)  Official links: program page, BBC
Unreal Bluegrass (country/bluegrass music)   (i) (1 broadcast)  Official links: program page
Unreserved (documentary, CBC)   (i) (75 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, CBC
Up a Gum Tree (food/home, BBC)   (i) (4 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Up All Night (news, BBC)   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Up First (news, NPR)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, NPR
Up Front (talk, VOA)   (i) (18 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, VOA
Up North (magazine, CBC)   (i) (2 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, CBC
Up the Garden Path (funny, BBC)   (i) (3 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Up to Date (regional/local affairs, KCUR)   (i) (1 broadcast+podcast)  Official links: program page, KCUR
Up to Speed (magazine, CBC)   (i) (1 broadcast)  Official links: program page, CBC
Upbeat (classical music, RNZ (New Zealand))   (i) (2 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, RNZ (New Zealand)
Upfront (magazine, BBC)   (i) (1 broadcast)  Official links: program page, BBC
UPR Presents (miscellaneous, UPR)   (i) (1 broadcast)  Official links: program page, UPR
Uprising (politics/issues, Pacifica)   (i) (6 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, Pacifica
Urban Jazz Experience (jazz music)   (i) (1 broadcast)  Official links: program page
Urban Man (miscellaneous, KCRW)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, KCRW
UWM Today (talk, WUWM)   (i) (2 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, WUWM