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BBC R Wales

1 of 89 streams from British Broadcasting Corporation

Location: Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
Format: full service/regional
Language: English

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Program Schedule

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Programs in our database:
MTuWThF 12:00m- 1:30a Mal Pope (i) (pop/rock music, BBC)
Su 12:00m- 1:31a Vicki Blight (i) (talk, BBC)
Sa 12:00m- 2:00a Vicki Blight (i) (talk, BBC)
MTuWThF 12:00m-12:30a Newsday (i) (news, BBC WS)
MTuWThF  1:30a- 4:00a Good Morning Wales (i) (news, BBC)
Su  1:31a- 2:03a Science Cafe (i) (science/tech, BBC)
Sa  2:00a- 2:30a The Secret Life of Welsh Food (i) (food/home, BBC)
Su  2:03a- 2:31a Country Focus (i) (science/tech, BBC)
Sa  2:30a- 4:00a Good Morning Wales (i) (news, BBC)
Su  2:31a- 3:00a Celebration (i) (religion/beliefs, BBC)
Su  3:00a- 4:03a Sunday Supplement (i) (news, BBC)
MTuWTh  4:00a- 6:00a Jason Mohammad (i) (talk, BBC)
 4:00a- 6:00a Dot Davies (i) (talk, BBC)
Sa  4:00a- 6:00a Money for Nothing (i) (pop/rock music, BBC)
Su  4:03a- 4:31a All Things Considered (i) (religion/beliefs, BBC)
Su  4:31a- 6:00a Roy Noble (i) (pop/rock music, BBC)
Su  6:00a- 7:30a Jamie Owen (i) (pop/rock music, BBC)
TuWThF  6:00a- 8:00a Wynne Evans (i) (culture/arts, BBC)
Sa  6:00a- 8:00a Rhod Gilbert (i) (pop/rock music, BBC)
 6:00a- 9:00a Wynne Evans (i) (culture/arts, BBC)
Su  7:30a- 8:05a Life in the Man Desert (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
TuWThF  8:00a- 8:15a Radio Wales News at One (i) (news, BBC)
Sa  8:00a- 8:30a The Unexplainers (i) (funny, BBC)
Su  8:05a- 9:00a Aled Jones (i) (talk, BBC)
TuWThF  8:15a-11:00a Eleri Sion (i) (talk, BBC)
Sa  8:30a- 9:00a Jacko's Sporting Almanac (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
Sa  9:00a-10:00a Radio Wales Sport (i) (sports, BBC)
Su  9:00a-11:00a Lynn Bowles (i) (talk, BBC)
 9:00a-12:00n Eleri Sion (i) (talk, BBC)
Sa 10:00a-12:00n Radio Wales Sport (i) (sports, BBC)
Su 11:00a- 1:00p Gareth Gwynn (i) (pop/rock music, BBC)
TuWThF 11:00a- 1:30p Good Evening Wales (i) (news, BBC)
12:00n- 1:30p Good Evening Wales (i) (news, BBC)
Sa 12:00n-12:30p Radio Wales Sport (i) (sports, BBC)
Sa 12:30p- 2:00p Call Rob Phillips (i) (sports, BBC)
Su  1:00p- 1:32p Jacko's Sporting Almanac (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
 1:30p- 2:00p Life in the Man Desert (i) (miscellaneous, BBC)
Tu  1:30p- 2:00p Science Cafe (i) (science/tech, BBC)
 1:30p- 2:00p Radio Wales Arts Show (i) (culture/arts, BBC)
Th  1:30p- 2:00p The Secret Life of Welsh Food (i) (food/home, BBC)
 1:30p- 2:00p Rhod Gilbert (i) (pop/rock music, BBC)
Su  1:32p- 2:00p Celebration (i) (religion/beliefs, BBC)
MTuWTh  2:00p- 4:00p Radio Wales Sport (i) (sports, BBC)
Su  2:00p- 4:00p Celtic Heartbeat (i) (folk music, BBC)
 2:00p- 5:00p Radio Wales Sport (i) (sports, BBC)
Sa  2:00p- 5:00p The Jones Brothers (i) (pop/rock music, BBC)
Su  4:00p- 6:00p Beverley's World of Music (i) (classical music, BBC)
MTuWTh  4:00p- 7:30p Chris Needs (i) (pop/rock music, BBC)
 5:00p- 7:30p Chris Needs (i) (pop/rock music, BBC)
Sa  5:00p- 8:00p Adam Walton (i) (eclectic music, BBC)
Su  6:00p- 8:00p Alan Thompson (i) (eclectic music, BBC)
 7:30p- 8:00p Country Focus (i) (science/tech, BBC)
Tu  7:30p- 8:00p Telling Tales (i) (culture/arts, BBC)
 7:30p- 8:00p Ryan Davies: Clown Prince of Wales (i) (documentary, BBC)
Th  7:30p- 8:00p All Things Considered (i) (religion/beliefs, BBC)
 7:30p- 8:00p Radio Wales Arts Show (i) (culture/arts, BBC)
MTuWThFSaSu  8:00p- 8:06p BBC News Bulletin (i) (news, BBC WS)
Su  8:06p- 8:30p World Business Report (i) (business, BBC WS)
MTuWThF  8:06p- 9:00p Business Matters (i) (business, BBC WS)
Sa  8:06p- 9:00p Science Hour (i) (science/tech, BBC WS)
Su  8:32p- 9:00p Food Chain (i) (ecology/garden/rural, BBC WS)
MTuWThFSaSu  9:00p- 9:30p The Newsroom (i) (news, BBC WS)
 9:32p-10:00p Documentary (i) (documentary, BBC WS)
Tu  9:32p-10:00p The Compass (i) (documentary, BBC WS)
 9:32p-10:00p Assignment (i) (documentary, BBC WS)
Th  9:32p-10:00p World Football (i) (sports, BBC WS)
 9:32p-10:00p Stumped (i) (sports, BBC WS)
Sa  9:32p-10:00p Heart and Soul (i) (religion/beliefs, BBC WS)
Su  9:32p-10:00p Climate Question (i) (science/tech, BBC WS)
MTuWThFSaSu 10:00p-10:06p BBC News Bulletin (i) (news, BBC WS)
MTuWTh 10:06p-10:50p Outlook (i) (magazine, BBC WS)
Su 10:06p-10:50p The Forum (i) (talk, BBC WS)
10:06p-11:00p Fifth Floor (i) (documentary, BBC WS)
Sa 10:06p-11:00p Documentary or Book Club (i) (miscellaneous, BBC WS)
Su 10:50p-11:00p Sporting Witness (i) (sports, BBC WS)
MTuWThFSaSu 11:00p-11:06p BBC News Bulletin (i) (news, BBC WS)
11:06p-11:30p People Fixing the World (i) (documentary, BBC WS)
TuTh 11:06p-11:30p Hardtalk (i) (talk, BBC WS)
11:06p-11:30p The Inquiry (i) (documentary, BBC WS)
Sa 11:06p-11:30p From Our Own Correspondent (i) (world affairs, BBC WS)
Su 11:06p-11:30p Hardtalk (i) (talk, BBC WS)
11:06p-12:00m The Real Story (i) (politics/issues, BBC WS)
11:32p-12:00m In the Studio (i) (culture/arts, BBC WS)
Tu 11:32p-12:00m The Compass (i) (documentary, BBC WS)
11:32p-12:00m Food Chain (i) (ecology/garden/rural, BBC WS)
Th 11:32p-12:00m World Football (i) (sports, BBC WS)
Sa 11:32p-12:00m Boston Calling (i) (documentary, BBC WS)
Su 11:32p-12:00m The Conversation (i) (talk, BBC WS)