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Location: Spindale, NC, USA
Format: adult alternative
Language: English

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Programs in our database:
12:00m- 4:00a Alternative Radio Coalition (i) (eclectic music, WNCW)
Su 12:00m- 5:00a Alternative Radio Coalition (i) (eclectic music, WNCW)
Th  1:00a- 2:00a Rhythm Theorem (i) (urban music, WNCW)
TuWF  1:00a- 4:00a Alternative Radio Coalition (i) (eclectic music, WNCW)
Sa  1:00a- 5:00a Alternative Radio Coalition (i) (eclectic music, WNCW)
Th  2:00a- 4:00a Local Color (i) (live music/variety, WNCW)
MTuWThF  4:00a- 6:00a World Cafe (i) (eclectic music, NPR/WXPN)
Sa  5:00a- 5:30a Making Contact (i) (politics/issues, NRP)
Su  5:00a- 6:00a Conversations from the World Cafe (i) (eclectic music, NPR/WXPN)
Sa  5:30a- 6:00a 51 Percent (i) (special interest, WAMC)
MTuWThF  6:00a- 7:00a Mountain Mornings (i) (country/bluegrass music, WNCW)
Su  6:00a-10:00a Gospel Truth (i) (gospel music, WNCW)
Sa  7:00a- 8:00a E-Town (i) (eclectic music)
MTuWThF  7:00a- 9:00a Morning Edition (i) (news, NPR)
Sa  8:00a-11:00a Jazz and Beyond (i) (jazz music, WNCW)
MTuWThF  9:00a-12:00n Music Mix (i) (eclectic music, WNCW)
Su 10:00a-12:00n Country Gold (i) (country/bluegrass music, WNCW)
Sa 11:00a- 3:00p Goin' Across the Mountain (i) (country/bluegrass music, WNCW)
12:00n- 1:00p Frank on Friday (i) (eclectic music, WNCW)
MTuWTh 12:00n- 3:00p Music Mix (i) (eclectic music, WNCW)
Su 12:00n- 3:00p Celtic Winds (i) (folk music, WNCW)
 1:00p- 3:00p Music Mix (i) (eclectic music, WNCW)
MTuWThF  3:00p- 6:00p Music Mix (i) (eclectic music, WNCW)
Su  3:00p- 6:00p This Old Porch (i) (country/bluegrass music, WNCW)
Sa  3:00p- 7:00p Goin' Across the Mountain (i) (country/bluegrass music, WNCW)
 6:00p- 7:00p Studio B Rewind (i) (live music/variety, WNCW)
Su  6:00p- 7:00p MerleFest Radio Hour (i) (country/bluegrass music, WNCW)
MTuWTh  6:00p- 8:00p World Cafe (i) (eclectic music, NPR/WXPN)
Su  7:00p- 9:00p Local Color (i) (live music/variety, WNCW)
 7:00p-10:00p Cosmic American Music Show (i) (country/bluegrass music, WNCW)
Sa  7:00p-11:00p Saturday Night House Party (i) (blues music, WNCW)
 8:00p- 9:00p Spindale Cycle (i) (eclectic music, WNCW)
 8:00p- 9:00p Grateful Dead Hour (i) (pop/rock music)
Th  8:00p- 9:00p Dig (i) (older popular music, WNCW)
Tu  8:00p-12:00m Music Mix (i) (eclectic music, WNCW)
 9:00p- 1:00a Dead Air (i) (pop/rock music, WNCW)
MTh  9:00p-12:00m Music Mix (i) (eclectic music, WNCW)
Su  9:00p-12:00m Dutatomic Particles (i) (world music, WNCW)
10:00p- 1:00a Music Mix (i) (eclectic music, WNCW)
Sa 11:00p-12:00m Rhythm Theorem (i) (urban music, WNCW)