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1 of 8 streams from Pacifica Radio

Location: Berkeley, CA, USA
Format: free-form/variety/community
Language: English

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Programs in our database:
12:00m- 1:00a Joe Frank (i) (literature/drama)
Su 12:00m- 2:00a Con Sabor (i) (latin music, KPFA)
Tu  1:00a- 3:00a Off the Beaten Path (i) (pop/rock music, KPFA)
W  1:00a- 3:00a Reggae Express (i) (eclectic music, KPFA)
Th  1:00a- 3:00a Sing Out (i) (folk music, KPFA)
 1:00a- 3:00a Hear and Now (i) (folk music, KPFA)
Sa  1:00a- 3:00a History of Funk (i) (urban music, KPFA)
 1:00a- 4:00a Discreet Music (i) (classical music, KPFA)
Su  2:00a- 4:00a Ear Thyme (i) (jazz music, KPFA)
Tu  3:00a- 5:00a Pitch-a-Fit (i) (pop/rock music, KPFA)
 3:00a- 5:00a No Other Radio Network (i) (eclectic music, KPFA)
Th  3:00a- 5:00a Music Dept. Showcase (i) (eclectic music, KPFA)
Sa  3:00a- 5:00a Friday Night Vibe (i) (urban music, KPFA)
 3:00a- 6:00a Over the Edge (i) (miscellaneous, KPFA)
Su  4:00a- 8:00a Live from Aztlan (i) (urban music, KPFA)
 4:00a- 9:00a Early Morning Jazz (i) (jazz music, KPFA)
Tu  5:00a- 8:00a Night Magic (i) (eclectic music, KPFA)
Th  5:00a- 8:00a Big Thang (i) (eclectic music, KPFA)
 5:00a- 9:00a Late Night Hype (i) (eclectic music, KPFA)
Sa  5:00a- 9:00a Roots Kommunikations (i) (world music, KPFA)
TuThF  8:00a- 9:00a Early Morning Music (i) (eclectic music, KPFA)
Su  8:00a-12:00n Musical Offering (i) (classical music, KPFA)
Sa  9:00a-12:00n Gospel Experience (i) (gospel music, KPFA)
MTuWThF 10:00a-11:00a Democracy Now (i) (politics/issues, Pacifica)
MTuWThF 11:00a-12:00n Morning Show (i) (politics/issues, KPFA)
MTuWThF 12:00n- 1:00p Democracy Now (i) (politics/issues, Pacifica)
Sa 12:00n- 1:00p Saturday Morning Talkies (i) (talk, KPFA)
MTuWTh  1:00p- 2:00p Letters and Politics (i) (politics/issues, Pacifica)
Sa  1:00p- 2:00p Youth Radio (i) (children's/youth, Youth R)
MTuWThF  1:00p- 3:00p Music of the World (i) (world music, KPFA)
Sa  2:00p- 3:00p Johnny Otis Show (i) (urban music, KPFA)
Su  2:00p- 4:00p Across the Great Divide (i) (folk music, KPFA)
MTuW  3:00p- 4:00p Against the Grain (i) (politics/issues, KPFA)
ThF  3:00p- 4:00p Living Room (i) (politics/issues, KPFA)
Sa  3:00p- 5:00p Blues by the Bay (i) (blues music, KPFA)
 4:00p- 4:30p Terra Verde (i) (science/tech, KPFA)
 4:00p- 5:00p Women's Magazine (i) (special interest, KPFA)
Tu  4:00p- 5:00p Your Own Health and Fitness (i) (health, KPFA)
 4:00p- 5:00p Guns and Butter (i) (politics/issues, KPFA)
Th  4:00p- 5:00p Herbal Highway (i) (special interest, KPFA)
Su  4:00p- 6:00p America's Back 40 (i) (country/bluegrass music, KPFA)
 4:30p- 5:00p Making Contact (i) (politics/issues, NRP)
 5:00p- 6:00p About Health (i) (health, KPFA)
Tu  5:00p- 6:00p Explorations in Science (i) (science/tech, WBAI)
 5:00p- 6:00p Bay Native Circle (i) (special interest, KPFA)
Th  5:00p- 6:00p Visionary Activist (i) (politics/issues, KPFA)
 5:00p- 6:00p Radio Chronicles (i) (documentary, KPFA)
Sa  5:00p- 7:00p Forms and Feelings (i) (jazz music, KPFA)
Su  6:00p- 8:00p Pig in a Pen or Panhandle Country (i) (country/bluegrass music, KPFA)
 6:30p- 7:00p Cover to Cover with Denny Smithson (i) (literature/drama, KPFA)
Tu  6:30p- 7:00p Cover to Cover with Jennifer Stone (i) (literature/drama, KPFA)
 6:30p- 7:00p Cover to Cover with Jack Foley (i) (literature/drama, KPFA)
Th  6:30p- 7:00p Cover to Cover with Richard Wolinsky (i) (literature/drama, KPFA)
 6:30p- 7:00p Counterspin (i) (media, FAIR)
MTuWThF  7:00p- 8:00p Hard Knock Radio (i) (politics/issues, KPFA)
Sa  7:00p- 9:00p In Your Ear (i) (jazz music, KPFA)
MTuWThF  8:00p- 9:00p Flashpoints (i) (politics/issues, Pacifica/KPFA)
Su  8:00p- 9:00p Earthsongs (i) (native/ethnic music, KBC (Alaska))
MTuWThF  9:00p-10:00p Pacifica Evening News (i) (news, KPFA)
Sa  9:30p-10:00p Radio 2050 (i) (special interest, KPFA)
Su  9:30p-10:00p Pushing Limits (i) (special interest, KPFA)
10:00p-11:00p Africa Today (i) (world affairs, KPFA)
Tu 10:00p-11:00p La Raza Chronicles (i) (special interest, KPFA)
10:00p-11:00p Voices of the Middle East (i) (world affairs, KPFA)
Th 10:00p-11:00p Apex Express (i) (special interest, KPFA)
Sa 10:00p-12:00m Ritmos de las Americas (i) (latin music, KPFA)
Su 10:00p-12:00m Act One (i) (literature/drama, KPFA)
11:00p- 1:00a Transitions on Traditions (i) (jazz music, KPFA)
Tu 11:00p- 1:00a Musical Colors (i) (world music, KPFA)
11:00p- 1:00a Dead to the World (i) (pop/rock music, KPFA)
Th 11:00p- 1:00a Bonnie Simmons (i) (folk music, KPFA)
11:00p- 1:00a La Onda Bajita (i) (latin music, KPFA)