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Feedback, corrections is developed and edited by Kevin A. Kelly. This site and its database copyright © 2001-2023, Kevin A. Kelly (except for some BBC data which was supported by but is outdated since they stopped updating mid-2017).

List of all ecology/garden/rural programs

Follow the (i) link next to any program for schedule listings and audio links.
A Big Country (ABC)   (i) (116 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, ABC
Allegheny Front (PCBC)   (i) (3 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, PCBC
Bioneers (WFMT)   (i) (25 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WFMT
Birdbrain (ABC)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, ABC
Birdnote (KNKX)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, KNKX
Brigid and Dave (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Climate Connections (NPR)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, NPR
Climate One (KRCB)   (i) (10 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, KRCB
Closing Market Report (WILL)   (i) (1 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, WILL
Commodity Week (WILL)   (i) (2 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, WILL
Country Breakfast (ABC)   (i) (8 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, ABC
Country Hour New South Wales (ABC)   (i) (9 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, ABC
Country Hour Northern Territory (ABC)   (i) (2 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, ABC
Country Hour Queensland (ABC)   (i) (9 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, ABC
Country Hour South Australia (ABC)   (i) (11 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, ABC
Country Hour Tasmania (ABC)   (i) (2 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, ABC
Country Hour Victoria (ABC)   (i) (8 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, ABC
Country Hour Western Australia (ABC)   (i) (7 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, ABC
Country Life (RNZ (New Zealand))   (i) (2 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, RNZ (New Zealand)
Countrywide (ABC)   (i) (51 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, ABC
Dean of Green (WGLT)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, WGLT
Diane Josephy Peavey Essay (BSPR)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, BSPR
Down to Earth (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Earth Calendar (WNKU)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, WNKU
Earth and Sky    (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page
Earthbeat (RNW (Netherlands))   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, RNW (Netherlands)
Encounters    (i) (5 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page
Environment Podcast (ABC)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, ABC
Environment Report (GLRC/Mich Pub)   (i) (2 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, GLRC, Mich Pub
Environment Report - Story of the Week (GLRC/Mich Pub)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, GLRC, Mich Pub
Environmental News (WUWM)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, WUWM
Environmental Reporting Initiative (WNPR)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, WNPR
Farm Week (RTE (Ireland))   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, RTE (Ireland)
Feeling the Heat (NYPR)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, NYPR
Field Guide to the Left Coast (KRCB)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, KRCB
Field Notes (Cin PR)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, Cin PR
Focus on Flowers (WFIU)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, WFIU
Food Chain (BBC WS)   (i) (344 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, BBC WS
For the Birds    (i) (3 broadcasts)  Official links: program page
Four Seasons of Gardening Conversations (NCPR)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, NCPR
Garden Talk (WPR)   (i) (3 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WPR
Gardeners' Corner (BBC)   (i) (2 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, BBC
Gardeners' Question Time (BBC)   (i) (4 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, BBC
Gardening (BBC)   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Gardening Phone-in (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Gestalt Gardener (MPB)   (i) (2 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, MPB
Greenworld    (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page
Heywire (ABC)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, ABC
In the Garden with Neil Grant (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Learning the Birds (HPPR)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, HPPR
Lesley Dolphin (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Living Planet (DW (Germany))   (i) (52 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, DW (Germany)
Living on Earth (PRX)   (i) (115 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, PRX
Mooney Goes Wild (RTE (Ireland))   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, RTE (Ireland)
NPR Environment Podcast (NPR)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, NPR
Natural Selections (NCPR)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, NCPR
Nature Stories (PRX/Atl PM)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, PRX, Atl PM
News from Backhome (WNCW)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, WNCW
Off Track (ABC)   (i) (57 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, ABC
Off the Trail (BSPR)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, BSPR
Our Southern Community (WNCW)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, WNCW
Outside In (NHPR)   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, NHPR
Rural News (ABC)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, ABC
Rural News (RNZ (New Zealand))   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, RNZ (New Zealand)
Sierra Club Radio    (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page
Stephen Lowe (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Sunday Gardening (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Talkback Gardening (ABC)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, ABC
The Countryside Hour (BBC)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, BBC
The Garden Party (BBC)   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
The Great Outdoors (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
The Sunday Gardening Show (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
What a Waste (CBC)   (i) (podcast)  Official links: program page, CBC
You Bet Your Garden (WHYY)   (i) (23 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WHYY
Zesty Garden (UPR)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, UPR