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Location: Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Format: adult alternative/free-form
Language: English

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Program Schedule

12:00m- 1:00a Poetry Show (i) (politics/issues, KUSP)
Sa 12:00m- 2:00a Friday Night Jazz (i) (jazz music, VPR)
Su 12:00m- 2:00a Skylarkin' (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
 1:00a- 3:00a Giant Steps (i) (jazz music, KBCS)
Tu  2:00a- 4:00a In the Heart of Soul (i) (urban music, KUSP)
 2:00a- 4:00a The Surrealist (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
Th  2:00a- 4:00a Open Roadster (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
 2:00a- 4:00a The Fuze (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
Sa  2:00a- 4:00a Puppy Farm or Zombie Jam (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
Su  2:00a- 4:00a Shapiro at Large (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
 3:00a- 5:00a Tower of Song (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
Su  4:00a- 4:30a Bookshelf (i) (literature/drama, KUSP)
TuWThFSa  4:00a- 9:00a Overnight Mix (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
Su  4:30a- 9:00a Overnight Mix (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
 5:00a- 9:00a Overnight Mix (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
MTuWThF  9:00a- 1:00p Morning Mix (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
Sa  9:00a-10:00a Seventh Avenue Project (i) (talk, KUSP)
Su  9:00a-10:00a Geek Speak (i) (science/tech, KUSP)
Su 10:00a- 1:00p On Site (i) (live music/variety, KUSP)
Sa 10:00a-12:00n Saturday Morning Mix (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
Sa 12:00n- 1:00p Ask Doctor Dawn (i) (health, KUSP)
Sa  1:00p- 2:00p Geek Speak (i) (science/tech, KUSP)
Su  1:00p- 4:00p Sunday Mix (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
MTuWThF  1:00p- 5:00p Midday Mix (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
Sa  3:00p- 4:00p Continental Drift (i) (folk music, KUSP)
Sa  4:00p- 6:00p Crescent City Shuffle (i) (jazz music, KUSP)
Su  4:00p- 7:00p Latin Quarter (i) (latin music, KUSP)
 5:00p- 9:00p Afternoon Mix (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
MTuWTh  5:00p-10:00p Afternoon Mix (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
Sa  6:00p- 9:00p Saturday Afternoon Mix (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
Su  7:00p-10:00p It Takes All Kinds (i) (eclectic music, KUSP)
FSa  9:00p-12:00m Soul Shack (i) (urban music, KUSP)
10:00p-11:00p Agony Column (i) (literature/drama, KUSP)
Tu 10:00p-11:00p Seventh Avenue Project (i) (talk, KUSP)
10:00p-11:00p Moth Radio Hour (i) (stories, PRX)
Th 10:00p-11:00p This American Life (i) (stories, PRX/Chi PM)
Su 10:00p-12:00m Classical Tune-Up (i) (classical music, KUSP)
11:00p- 2:00a B in the Night (i) (jazz music, KUSP)
Tu 11:00p- 2:00a Out Front Outback (i) (jazz music, KUSP)
11:00p- 2:00a In The Groove (i) (jazz music, KUSP)
Th 11:00p- 2:00a Things Ain't What They Used To Be (i) (jazz music, KUSP)