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List of all older popular music programs

Follow the (i) link next to any program for schedule listings and audio links.
All the Way with Ray (RTHK (Hong Kong))   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, RTHK (Hong Kong)
American Songbook (Your Public)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, Your Public
American Standards by the Sea (WICN)   (i) (5 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WICN
Antique Phonograph Music Program (WFMU)   (i) (1 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, WFMU
Backtracks (IPR (Iowa))   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, IPR (Iowa)
Basically Burnett (WDCB)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WDCB
Beatles Medley (IPR (Iowa))   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, IPR (Iowa)
Big Band Brunch (KSDS)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, KSDS
Big Band Brunch (WICN)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WICN
Big Band Memories (KCCK)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, KCCK
Big Band Show (CJRT)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, CJRT
Big Band Spotlight (Nebraska PM)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, Nebraska PM
Big Band Spotlight (SDPB)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, SDPB
Blue Smoke (RNZ (New Zealand))   (i) (4 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, RNZ (New Zealand)
Breakfast with the Beatles (WUMB)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WUMB
Broadway to Main Street (WNET)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WNET
Dig (WNCW)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WNCW
Dog City Rock (KUNM)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, KUNM
Down Memory Lane (MPBN)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: MPBN
Dress Circle (WWFM)   (i) (5 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WWFM
Eisenhower Hour (WKMS)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WKMS
Elaine Paige on Sunday (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Fabulous Sounds (WMHT)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WMHT
Fascinatin' Rhythm (WXXI)   (i) (7 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WXXI
Footlight Parade    (i) (19 broadcasts)  Official links: program page
Geator's RnR RnB Express (WXPN)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WXPN
Getting Sentimental Over You (APR)   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, APR
Great American Songs (NYPR)   (i) (11 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, NYPR
Home Town Special (WAMU)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WAMU
Hot Lix (KUNM)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, KUNM
In Concert (RTE (Ireland))   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, RTE (Ireland)
In the Mood (Your Public)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: Your Public
Juke Joint (WCMU)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WCMU
Lush Life (WQLN)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: WQLN
Make Believe Ballroom (KVLU)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, KVLU
Memorable Melodies with Mike Carey (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Midwest Ballroom (WDCB)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WDCB
Moira Stuart (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
My Place (VT Public)   (i) (7 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, VT Public
Neil Foster (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
New Show (WDVX)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WDVX
New Standards (NYPR)   (i) (7 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, NYPR
New Vintage (WDCB)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WDCB
Nice 'n' Easy (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Night Train (WLRN)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WLRN
Old Scratchy Records (WKYU)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WKYU
On With the Show (JPR)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, JPR
One Night Stand (WUKY)   (i) (5 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WUKY
Opera Show (ABC)   (i) (6 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, ABC
Radio 2's Showtunes Playlist (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Reelin' in the Years (WLRH)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WLRH
Relics (LPM)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, LPM
Retro Cocktail Hour (KPR)   (i) (7 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, KPR
Rising Time (RTE (Ireland))   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, RTE (Ireland)
Rug Cutter's Swing (KSDS)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, KSDS
Saturday Club with John Bennett (BBC)   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Saturday Night Fish Fry (WHRO)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WHRO
Saturday Night Nostalgia (RNZ (New Zealand))   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, RNZ (New Zealand)
Saturday Swing (WGMC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: WGMC
Saturday Swing Session (WICN)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WICN
Saturday Swing Session (WQLN)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: WQLN
Saturday with the Beatles (KCSN)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, KCSN
Sinatra and Co. (WGMC)   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: WGMC
Songs from the Shows (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Sound of Cinema (BBC)   (i) (1 broadcasts+podcast)  Official links: program page, BBC
Straight No Chaser (KMUW)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, KMUW
Sunday Club with John Bennett (BBC)   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Sunday Morning Swing (KCCK)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, KCCK
Sunday Swing (WNMU)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: WNMU
Sunday with Brian D'Arcy (BBC)   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, BBC
Sundays with Sinatra (KKJZ)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, KKJZ
Swing Session (WWOZ)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WWOZ
Swing Set (WDVX)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WDVX
Swing Shift (KGNU)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, KGNU
Swing Shift (WDCB)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WDCB
Swing Time    (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page
Swing and Big Band (WWOZ)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WWOZ
Swingin' Down the Lane    (i) (21 broadcasts)  Official links: program page
The Crooners (APR)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: APR
Two on the Aisle (WGMC)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WGMC
Vinyl Frontier (WDVX)   (i) (1 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WDVX
Your Favorites (WXPR)   (i) (2 broadcasts)  Official links: program page, WXPR